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1994 Mercedes Model 03033, MO 2225

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Refurbished Interior & Exterior in 2006 and again in 2010, High deck, 48 reclining seats, Toilet at rear, Hot water system on board, 2 entry doors, DVD iPod entertainment system, Ring feeder for safari trailer, Dark tinted windows, Highway communication, Satellite phone.

Affectionately know as “the old Girl” but is a very tidy and well presented vehicle. With the other Mercedes side by side, they appear to be very similar.

We use this coach for the more out of the way tours, including dirt running as they don’t build them this tough anymore. Primarily tours around the top end with the occasional long distant tour when our other Luxury Coach is pre booked.

Has all the features one would expect for a high standard touring coach.

2008 Mercedes Model 500RF, MO 3033

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48 seat belted reclining seats, High deck design, Fully carpet, 2 entry doors, Hot water urn, Down stairs toilet, 7 LCD screens, Road camera, DVD, iPod entertainment system, Remote guide mic, Dedicated Host seat, Satellite phone & Highway communications.

Our premium coach for long distance touring, has been specified in the designed by me for the ultimate in touring comfort. With a longer body and the toilet positioned at the bottom of the 2nd entry door stairs- has allowed extra space in the seating configuration for passenger comfort. The gently rising floor allows for the rear coach passengers the ability to see forward, or simply view the road cam thru 7 LCD screens.

With the onboard self heating water we have the ability to have a “cuppa” on the “road”.

Being a high deck coach, -yes there is an extra step, but having a dedicated front screen for the passengers, allows great panoramic views.

Off-Road 4x4 Luxury Coach

2008 Mercedes Model Axor, MO 3369

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30 removable reclining coach seats, 2 crew seats in the truck, Fully carpeted passenger cabin, 5 LCD screens, Road camera, Hot water, fridge, freezer, Rear toilet, Large viewing to the front windscreen area
DVD, iPod entrainment system, Large panoramic passenger windows, Passenger communication via P/A to the crew area, Retractable step for easier passenger entry, Ring feeder for safari trailer towing, 240 volt wall sockets (limited capacity), Satellite phone & Highway communications.

Our Mercedes Axor is the ultimate in 4X4 luxury touring with the ability to travel Off-Road and cover vast remote areas of NT, QLD, NSW, SA and WA without compromising on passenger comfort.

Ability to tour areas that are inaccessible to standard coaches.

Our 4x4 gives passengers the opportunity to visit very remote areas of Australia in luxury, that otherwise would be out of reach for most people.

Removable seating allows for additional space in the cabin when required.

Having its own hot water onboard allows us to have “smoko” in some of the remotest area of Australia.

With the passengers in the rear cabin, that “closed in feeling” is not felt as having a large viewing space thru to the front windscreen. As well the large panoramic tinted windows gives outstanding views of the surrounding country. The road camera also give unhindered forward view thru the 5 LCD screens.

Our trip is highlighted by viewing the satellite navigation thru the LCD screens, showing our location, position, directions and elevation, all at the flick of the switch.

With the passenger P/A communication to the crew area, it allows information to be requested with the safety of not having to move forward. With the extra long lead, the mike can be passed easily around the passenger area.


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